Meet our Space Team

Quantifying the risks of space weather. For you. Today.

Our Mission Space team has not only brought together expert engineers in satellite technology, rocket science, nuclear electronics, and aerospace research, but also the most promising digital innovators from all across the globe.

Core Team

Ksenia Moskalenko

CEO, co-founder

Dual Bachelor's graduate in Global Business and Finance from Suffolk University, Boston; background of working for American leading consumer goods companies including P&G Gillette HQ's. National US Champion.

Dmitrii Axelrod

CTO, co-founder

Has over 20 years of experience in designing and production of scientific instruments for space research, and 30+ years in total experience in space engineering. He has also been a lead satellite engineer at Nuclear Physics Institute for over 15 years before he started working at an endowment fund of professional engineering education and training of children and youth in space.

Sergey Filippychev

Head of Engineering

Ph.D. in Space Physics, 36 years of experience designing and producing scientific instruments for Space research. 56 years total experience in nuclear electronics. Has developed and patented dosimeters for NASA's Space Shuttle flights. Holder of The Lyndon B. Johnson Space Centre Group Achievement Award.

Artem Axelrod

COO, co-founder

Bachelor's Science in Business Administration from Suffolk University, 6+ years of experience in project management & business development in multinational firms. Participated in the CanSat competition, built and launched sounding rocket payloads used to teach space technology.


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