A new level of space weather intelligence

LEO-based network of innovative detectors and dedicated analytics form the infrastructure, capable of proving unique space weather services on-demand.

core technology

State-of-the art payload

At Mission Space, we are focused on in-situ measurements targeting mainly the near-Earth magnetic and solar wind conditions and highly energetic particle streams from interplanetary shocks and the Sun.

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- Universal Semiconductor Spectrometer

- Cherenkov Detector

Total payload size: 1,25U
Total payload weight: 1kg
Measurement capabilities:
  • Fluxes of Charged Particles (middle and high)
  • Cosmic Rays
  • Radiation Belt Particles
  • Total Ionizing dose
  • Energy direction and dose / spectrum

Interested in having our detectors on your satellite to get correlative analysis and tailored analytics?
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Mission Space collects data from space in real time, transforms it into predictive analytics, value added insights and alert notifications.


Our detectors 
in LEO collect critical space weather data
in real-time mode.


Raw Data

The payload data from satellites is transmitted to ground stations on the Earth for further analysis.


Smart Data

Raw data is sent to the cloud, enriched with 3rd party datasets and proprietary analysis.



Algorithms are applied to smart data sets to create predictive analytics, forecasts, alerts and insights that can be accessed by user via API integration or our cloud platform.