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With our own instruments on LEO and advanced models on the ground, we redefine monitoring of space environment and provide a new level of space weather intelligence.

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Space Weather Decision Support System

Our space weather cloud services enable both space and ground-based businesses to measure and mitigate the potential impacts of space storms. Get access to an exclusive cloud platform with APIs, designed to serve as a decision support tool to detect, predict and warn about solar storms and space radiation risks.

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Monitor space weather changes in real time with our custom cloud software.

Hazard Warnings

Receive detailed and actionable alert notifications of incoming space weather events.

Nowcast & Forecast

Model and predict scenarios to better understand space weather trends, changes and risks.

Tailored Insights

Industry tailored insights to quantify the risk of space weather storms on your operations.

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Our space weather intelligence system will allow for a more accurate prediction of changes of space environment and let industry leaders develop and implement proper mitigation strategies beforehand. We provide sector-specific space weather forecasts, warnings and analytics that would help to cut potential losses due to space weather effects.


Satellite operators can use our space weather services to quantify space weather-related risks and implement proper mitigation strategies to save millions worth of assets. With our analytics there is potential to tremendously improve the space industry capability to build more resilient spacecrafts and operate safer in orbit.


Advance notice of space weather events is critical to rerouting of high latitude flights during intense radiation levels, and to alert aircraft in flight of possible loss of communications.


Constant space environment monitoring and accurate long and short-term forecasts of space weather are crucial for ensuring the highest mission safety in relation to solar storms and radiation impacts on people and on-board systems.


Energy companies can use space weather services to help minimize the impact of geomagnetic storms, lower chances of blackouts and improve the design and modelling of future, more resilient, systems.


Space weather forecasts help rail network operators understand when rail systems may be at risk and cut potential economic losses.


Showers of high-energy particles and the radiation from solar flares can affect key systems and hinder the processing of the extremely high volume of shares, money or stock exchanges, disrupting synchronised timing of transactions.


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Our continuous and sector-specific space weather monitoring will get you the most up-to-date predictions and allow to save on insurance costs, minimize economic impacts of geomagnetic storms, flag the risk of technological disasters and prevent system interruptions in a timely manner. Let’s connect today and get you prepared for any space weather event.

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